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Trojan basketball players support gym proposal

Nov 02, 2012

Members of the Fairfield High School basketball team and class of 2014 have lent their support to the proposed public/private partnership and ballot issue concerning a new outdoor pool and public gymnasium.

Junior basketball player Matt Carr explained overcrowding at Fairfield gyms has been an issue for years.

“Our class of 2014 was lucky to participate in traveling basketball from the time we were in fourth grade,” said Carr. “This was an enjoyable experience, but we constantly battled finding available gym space.”

Carr believes the demand for available space is even greater than it was seven years ago due to the growing popularity of the new youth basketball program led by Dan Breen. Carr said a new gym would be more accommodating for students while allowing them to maximize their athletic potential.

Facilities in other area towns are also better than what Fairfield currently has to offer, according to Carr.

“Playing competitive basketball from a young age has given our class the opportunity to see many different towns and gymnasiums around the area. Kids in these other towns, such as Mount Pleasant, Washington, Williamsburg and Wellman, are able to play basketball whenever they wish,” he said.

The pool and gymnasium proposal calls for the city of Fairfield to raise $3 million through Measure A on the Nov. 6 ballot. Residents in the Fairfield city limits are asked to authorize 20-year municipal general obligation bonds. The project funding would be used to build a new outdoor pool at O. B. Nelson Park and a new gym at the Roosevelt Recreation Center.

“The new gym proposal is not just about Fairfield High School but about the community as a whole. As juniors in high school, we will not be around to reap the benefits of this new facility if the proposal is passed and the money is raised,” added Carr. “However, we feel that this is something good for the community and that Fairfield can be proud of for years to come.”

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