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Neighbors Growing Together | Aug 17, 2018

Trojan girls honor their seniors tonight

By Justin Webster | Feb 02, 2018
Photo by: JUSTIN WEBSTER/Ledger photo Ashtyn Drish will be one of four seniors honored tonight by the Fairfield basketball community when she plays her final regular season home game.

Tonight, Fairfield will honor two very athletic young women who have represented Trojan Nation with pride over the last decade-plus in a wide variety of sports – Nicole Buch and Ashtyn Drish. Tipoff is scheduled for 6:15 p.m. and you’ll want to arrive early as Nicole is just two points shy of tying the Fairfield girls’ basketball all-time scoring record and a crowded gym is expected.

The two soon-to-be adults avoided a drill or two during practice Thursday to talk with The Ledger.

Best moment on the court?

Nicole Buch: I wasn’t even playing. I was on the bench [versus Mt. Pleasant] and it was overtime. I fouled out in the fourth quarter and had to watch it all happen. We needed to win that game to secure an outright SEC title. I think that was huge for me and the whole team to believe that we can win those close games. I learned a lot watching it from the bench and had so much confidence in my team that we were going to pull it off. Everyone remembers that game and it was big for Mt. Pleasant, too.

Ashtyn Drish: I’ve been in and out of basketball. I didn’t play much my freshman year and didn’t go out [as a junior]. My sophomore year, I remember playing [No. 1] Ballard at the U.S. Cellular Center and honestly that was the best experience ever. Just to get that win was a big deal, but on that court it had a state tournament feeling.


Most memorable moment off the court?

Buch: I think it’s team togetherness. We did a little art thing and dinner and got to hang out for a few hours and talk about anything but basketball. That was fun.

Drish: I agree, I play a lot of sports and getting to meet new people and getting to know the girls better is a really fun way to make new friends. It’s just really fun to experience sports through high school.


Talk about what drew you to sports in general.

Buch: Well, me and Ash have been involved and played pretty much every sport together since we were little, so we’ve been playing together since forever and have always been two of the most athletic in our grade and involved in something. Our parents and our families both did that, so we were just kind of raised around it and then took it on ourselves. It helps having someone you can relate with, because we can relate on so many things.

Drish: I’ve always played sports since a young age. My dad was into sports, my brothers played sports, we always watched sports. It’d be kind of weird to not be playing sports. I really enjoy it.


What will you miss most a year from now?

Buch: I think the community. They do a really good job of supporting us and going to games. I think that’s something I’ll miss the most because you kind of create a bond with the people that come to the games. You’ll see someone at Hy-Vee and they’ll say, “good game” or “I love watching you play” and that hits you so hard and means so much even though it seems little.

Drish: It’s kind of like a small little family. There’s a difference between high school and college where now everyone pretty much knows everybody living in a small town. Playing for your school and playing for the people you know and your family, I think that’s a big deal in high school and once you get out to college, it’s a different experience.


What are you looking forward to most about leaving Fairfield?

Buch: If I’m being honest, I don’t really wanna graduate and go away from home. Just the whole family and community I’ve grown up with.


You like life as the big fish?

Buch: I mean, yeah. I am excited to go on and play at the college level, but I am going to miss small town, family and community a lot.


Drish: I’m definitely going to miss Fairfield, it’s been awesome growing up here, but I’m excited to meet new people and have new experiences and see what life is like on my own, to be independent.


College plans and field of study?

Buch: I’m going to Missouri Southern and I’ll spend four years doing nursing.

How are your college credits going now?

I’m in the nursing academy through Indian Hills. A lot of those credits will transfer over and make it easier on me the first year with basketball. I won’t have to take so many classes, which will help a lot.

Drish: I plan on attending the University of Iowa. I might study psychology, I’m not really sure. I also do the academy so I have a lot of credits that will transfer over.


In four years, where do you wake up in a dream scenario? Do you keep playing ball Buch?

Buch: Um, probably not. I’ve been playing ball since I was pretty young, so I think another four years is pretty good and then I’ll call it quits. I fell in love with nursing over the last few years and that’s something I’m really looking forward to. I guess in four years I’ll hope to be graduated and I would like to work at the “U” in the pediatric oncology unit which is a whole new area up there.

Drish: Typical answer. Done with school, paying off debts, buy a house, you know.

Where is this house?

I’m definitely living in Iowa. Probably not Fairfield, but I’d like a town like ours. Pretty cool with a small environment, what anybody would want.

Buch in the background: A lake house for sure.


Who’s better athletes, senior guys or girls?

Drish: Well honestly, us girls are more successful in all of our sports. Softball we went to state, basketball [is a success.] It’s hard to compare the two.

Buch: It’s different, boys and girls, but as far as success our senior girls have done well. A lot of people didn’t have much confidence in our senior class. Even in Fairfield in general our class gets overlooked, so having success is huge for the whole community.


Would you encourage kids, if you have them, to play sports? Would either of you two get into coaching? Are you going to nurse and coach, Nicole?

Buch: I....have not thought that far. As for my kids, it’s their own decision. I’ll be like, “yeah sports are good,” and “do sports,” but if they want to do something else, I’m not going to stop them.


If you weren’t into athletics, what would you focus your energy on?

Buch: I think acting and drama. *Drish starts laughing*

Buch: That would be so fun to be in theater, I love it, I don’t know why.

Are you going to be an Addams Family member?

Buch: I don’t know about that, but I think it’d be cool to be someone else for a play here and there.

Drish: Singing. I always wish I could sing and dance. I really have no musical talent. My mom always wished I could play the piano, and I kind of have that same dream or wish for my kids.

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