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Trojan pride helps bond special loyalty

By Erin Smith | Oct 25, 2012

To the editor:

Fairfield is a town unlike any other. I’m certain that line has been repeated too many times for it to have much meaning anymore, but it’s true nonetheless. So many bonds hold us together as a community despite any onslaught of negativity the world has to offer, and I’ve become extremely proud to call this place my home.

I’m proudest, however, of one local interest above all: our Fairfield sports teams, particularly the Fairfield Trojan football boys. The loyalty of the team’s following never — and I do mean never — ceases to impress me.

I sit in the stands every Friday with my cooing son on my lap, our eyes fixed on the occasionally blurred shapes in orange and black on the field. When I look around at the friendly horde of fans that seems to travel with the team everywhere it goes I feel a strange nostalgia for the present, if that’s even possible.

Many of us are always there, screaming, cheering and chanting by turns. Win or lose, rain or shine, these games bring us together to a place both physically and emotionally available only to those who know the “We’re Proud of Our Team” rhythm we lilt after most games — especially when we win.

What makes Fairfield so special? Why is it that when other teams travel to our field I see so many fewer fans on the other side of the stadium?

I think it’s our tenacious commitment to our community that translates so fluidly into the language of sports fans. We put so much of ourselves into our everyday lives and into the wellness of our town that our verve can’t help but pour out onto the football field.

Somehow, despite the unwillingness of teenage boys to admit that they still like hugs and kisses, I don’t think they mind our overflowing pride. We really are “Proud of Our Team.”


— Erin Smith, Fairfield

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