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Trojan track and field starts season at Demon Indoor

By Justin Webster | Mar 13, 2018
Photo by: JUSTIN WEBSTER/Ledger photo Fairfield freshman Alex Forrest runs at the Demon Indoor meet Friday at Cornell College.

Friday night the Washington High School track and field team hosted the Demon Indoor meet at Cornell College in Mount Vernon with 28 larger area schools competing, including the five from the Southeast Conference.


Here are the results from the Girls events.

High Jump

4th Malory Jones, Jr. 4-11.00


Shot Put

36th Julia Fritz, Jr. 28-00.00


60 Meter Hurdles

Preliminaries - top 12 qualify for finals

10th Aluna Olaniyi, Sr. 10.70

18th Carin Corrick, Sr. 10.92


11th Aluna Olaniyi, Sr. 10.62


60 Meter Dash

Preliminaries - top 12 qualify for finals

41st Jillian Dunlap, Jr. 9.28


4x800 Meter Relay

29th Fairfield 11:45.84

1) Kristina Iukhnerich, Jr. 2) Danae Drish, Jr. 3) Autumn Lisk, Fr. 4) Hailey Pohren-Gevock, So.


200 Meter Dash

40th Alexis Jones, Jr. 31.48

45th Amiah Neff Sr. 32.24


400 Meter Dash

12th Kara Jeffrey, Jr. 1:09.16


1500 Meter Run

4th Ashley Bloomquist Jr. 5:17.26

34th Hailey Pohren-Gevock, So. 6:14.01


Distance Medley

19th Fairfield 5:14.32

1) Carly Ferrel, So. 2) Allison Rebling, So. 3) Malory Jones, Jr. 4) Danae Drish, Jr.


4x400 Meter Relay

15th Fairfield 4:45.08

1) Aluna Olaniyi, Sr. 2) Jillian Dunlap, Jr. 3) Kristen Daugherty, Sr. 4) Kara Jeffrey, Jr.


Results from the boys’ events

Shot Put

27th Tristin Waugh, Jr. 40-09.00

28th Steeler Higdon, Sr. 40-08.50

47th Brendon Lunsford, Sr. 37-00.00


Long Jump

5th Hunter Drish, Sr. 18-05.25


60 Meter Hurdles

Preliminaries - 12 qualified for finals

14th Landon Kooiker, So. 9.34


60 Meter Dash

Preliminaries - 12 qualify for finals

23rd Caden Jones, Jr. 7.66

26th Hunter Drish Sr. 7.70


4x800 Meter Relay

32nd Fairfield 10:03.93

1) Mark Diers, Jr. 2) Gannon Courtright, Sr. 3) Kevin Kretz, Fr. 4) Alex Forrest, Fr.


200 Meter Dash

26th Kosta Papazogolou, Jr. 25.58

44th Ashton Lankford, Jr. 26.67


400 Meter Dash Finals

13th Max Sullivan, Sr. 58.07

30th Landon Schafer Fr. 60.47


600 Meter Run

28th Mark Diers, Jr. 5:11.96

38th Gannon Courtright, Sr. 5:21.74


Distance Medley

19th Fairfield 4:13.95

1) Kosta Papazogolou, Jr. 2) Ashton Lankford, Jr. 3) Kevin Kretz, Fr. 4) Alex Forrest, Fr.


Alex Forrest just ran the race above.

You seemed to run more than everyone else?

Forrest: [Papazogolou] and [Lankford] each ran one lap, then [Kretz] ran two and then I ran four.


How do you feel you did today?

Forrest: I did pretty well.


Is track your only sport?

Forrest: No, I also do cross country.


Did you stay in shape over the winter?

Forrest: I probably could have done better.


Where do you feel you are as far as getting into “track shape?”

Forrest: Maybe about 40 percent since it’s early in the season and our first meet.


4x400 Meter

Relay finals

11th Fairfield 3:52.21

1) Max Sullivan, Sr. 2) Landon Kooiker, So. 3) Connor Ryan, Sr. 4) Hunter Drish, Sr.


Connor Ryan ran the 4x400

How are you feeling today?

Ryan: We haven’t been doing a lot of training, so I’m feeling kind of nervous about that.


What do you need to do to perform your best today?

Ryan: Warm up well and just get good handoffs and everything.


What’s your strength?

Ryan: I’m pretty good at the 200’s when you have all that build up.


The Ledger also spoke with junior Mark Diers and senior Gannon Courtright.

What did you run today Mark?

Diers: I ran the first leg of the 4x800 and the mile.


How do you feel about your first race?

Diers: I was pleased with my first race. I went out and pushed the first couple of laps and ended up with a 2:17 which isn’t bad for the first time running after basketball. I don’t know my mile time yet, but I was pleased.


Where do you think you are as far as “track shape” versus “basketball shape?”

Diers: I feel alright. Once I get a couple more practices and a few more miles on. In basketball, you’re just going sideline to sideline and this is going that extra distance and getting your heartrate going and pushing your lungs a little bit more. I feel like basketball kept me in good shape this winter and I feel good.


A lot of kids run track to stay in shape. Do you enjoy track?

Diers: I enjoy track. I like to compete and I love this sport.


Do you like the one-on-one aspect?

Diers: Yeah, I just love going out and competing against the other guys here and when we get into conference. It’s a whole lot of fun and I really like it.


What did you run Gannon?

Courtright: I ran the second leg of the 4x800 and then the mile.


How do you feel you did?

Courtright: This is honestly my first time doing track and I’m going to try to do tennis and track both, so, I mean I beat my eighth grade time by about a minute.


What’s the difference between cross country and track? Do they translate well or are you built better for one?

Courtright: I think when we get to meets with a two-mile, that will translate pretty well with my cross country. An 800 is almost like wrestling where you’re going as hard as you can for a shorter amount of time. I think wrestling has really kept me in shape for shorter distances like that. I just need to get more miles in, like Mark said.


You’re going to get a lot of miles in doing tennis and track. What will be the biggest challenge?

Courtright: Definitely the scheduling. I might have to miss some things, I haven’t really worked it out yet.


Do you get any days off?

Courtright: After wrestling I pretty much jumped into track. There was a weekend. I’ll probably run in the morning and then do tennis after school and then sometimes switch.


Why are you doing both?

Courtright: I really love them both. I fell in love with cross country the last two years and I felt like I was missing out with track and I fell in love with tennis, too. I’m always up for a challenge, so doing both is a pretty good challenge.

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