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Trojans demolish Fort Madison, West Liberty

By Justin Webster | May 14, 2018
Photo by: JUSTIN WEBSTER/Ledger photo Freshman Ethan Nebinger squares up defensively while senior goalie Brendon Lunsford watches with anticipation.

The Fairfield boys soccer team improved to 11-4 when they hosted/defeated Fort Madison 10-0 Thursday and West Liberty 8-2 Friday at FHS.

Thursday’s game was called with nearly 25 minutes remaining when Xavier Kapijimpanga completed his hat trick with the final two goals to give Fairfield a 10-0 mercy rule win. After missing out on an early opportunity for a goal, Kapijimpanga focused on his positioning and attacked.

“First I thought I had a breakaway, but I was called offsides so I had to be patient and hold the line. When my second time came, [with a 2-0 lead] I was like, ‘Alright, whatever, I got this,’ so when I received a perfect through ball, I went to the goal. Felisto has been talking to me about placement because my shot has been off this season so I decided, ‘I have my left foot, I’ll switch to my right foot and I put it in the bottom corner.”

“The ninth goal came on a perfect throw in from Nick Frisbee, shoutout to him,” recalled the freshman. “I decided with the defender in front of me that he wasn’t as quick as I am, so I beat him. The keeper decided to commit so I knew I had to beat him too and I just put it in. The 10th goal came on another nice pass from Nick Frisbee. He passed it down the right flank and I attacked. The keeper committed again but than backed off because he thought I was going to beat him again and I saw an open lane because he had both corners open, so I just went right corner.”

Fellow freshman Juan Rojo also had a goal, he thinks the eighth one?

“Eli was dribbing in and crossed it out, the goal keeper blocked it up and Leo was going for it and I started calling for it and shot it and it went in.”

Seniors Shawn Spurrier and Brendon Lunsford scored the other six goals, although it should be mentioned that Spurrier and five of them.

“The first three goals I had I was just focused on getting my shots and finding a good position in the box,” said the senior striker. “From that I was able to score a couple. In the second half I was looking for through balls with the defense pushed up so high and I was able to get through and exploit that a few times.”

As for the goalie Lunsford, he scored under the bright lights of a Penalty Kick.

“It was a PK and I just kicked it in the net,” said the wrestler headed to Hannibal-Legrange to compete collegiately. “Felisto owed me one.”

Without provacation, the multi-sport Trojan warned his offensive counterparts that he has no problem playing both ways.

“It’s pretty fun and I’m looking at playing striker now.“

Head Coach Felisto Guezimane was just happy his team hit the ground running, something they don’t always do.

“I was really impressed with the focus and the intensity because we typically start slow but today, the players were ready to go and we just completely controlled the tempo of the game from the get go to the end.” He added, “We didn’t give anything to Fort Madison and that’s what I want them to take from this game, the intensity and the focus.”


West Liberty

After losing 2-1 to the talented soccer school last season, the Trojan players wanted retribution.

“We prepared very well,” said Guezimane. “We didn’t give them very many chances and we pressed well and controlled the tempo of the game and the ball, for the most part.”

West Liberty trailed early and by several goals and it was obviously wearing on their competitive spirits.

“It got a little physical,” admitted the Trojan leader. “Mainly because the referee swallowed his whistle a little bit and it got a little out of control, but fortunately nothing happened when it got physical there.”

Goal scorers were Leone Gichure and Juan Rojo with one each and Chaysten Titus added a pair to go with Shawn Spurriers’ goals No. 6-9 in the 24 hour span.

When asked who had stood out over the two game span that saw 18 goals scored against two allowed, Guezimane said.

“Shawn played very well coming back from his injury. Chaysten played a good game and Kolten [Webber] was solid in the back. Jordan [Guezimane] and Adrian [Restrepo] also played well in the midfield.”

The Trojans will now travel to Keokuk today before hosting Washington Thursday in the regular season finale.

“We’re pretty confident, we just need to stay focused,” said Felisto. “At some point I kind of lost my cool because the two goals they scored because we lost concentration and let our guard down in front of the box and we gave them too much time with the ball and you see what happens. These are the things we need to stop because when we get to substate, we can’t allow teams easy goals like that because the games will be tigher.”

Who grabs you and calms you down when you lose it?

*Heavy laughter* “I have my assistant coaches who come do that for me.”

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