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Truck traffic will strain county infrastructure

By Judith Hans–Price and Mitchell Price | Jul 17, 2014

To the editor:

On Monday, the Jefferson County Board of Supervisors passed a resolution to support a $1.55 million award of state tax credits to Heartland Co-op. I oppose the awarding of my tax dollars to Heartland Co-op and wonder why the IEDA refuses to provide copies of Heartland application for financial assistance? These applications are the only way for citizens to see how Heartland is proceeding since they have released no information to the public.

The increased truck traffic will put a tremendous strain on the infrastructure of our county (not to mention noise and air pollution). According to Heartland Co-op’s government applications, it will process up to 12 million bushels of soybeans and 20 million bushels of corn per year.

A semi can average 800 bushels a load, which equates to up to 40,000 trucks coming to our county every year. That is a lot of punishment for any road surface. Can Nutmeg Ave. and its unsafe underpass sustain the predicted truck traffic? Is it likely that truck traffic might take an alternate route down Highway 34 business or down Pleasant Plain or across 185th Street, which would be a life-altering situation for my family and my neighbors as it has the potential of reducing our property’s value.

I urge everyone to consider the true costs of building this grain elevator so close to our town. The loss of jobs at Overland Sheepskin (in business for 30 years) and the huge infrastructure issues may prevent the possibility of the true economic growth in Jefferson County which we all want. Plus, consider the disruption of our lives here. There has got to be a more suitable location choice to assure a mutually beneficial relationship between the Heartland facility and the residents of Jefferson County.

Please speak out, as we have, before more construction of the Heartland facility continues.


– Judith Hans–Price and Mitchell Price, Fairfield


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