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Trustees tour new addition

By VICKI TILLIS | Mar 27, 2013
The Jefferson County Health Center Board of Trustees, health center officials and community members tour the new addition under construction on the north side of the health center. Facility engineer Larry Mitchell, on the right, said the work is progressing quickly.

Jefferson County Health Center Board of Trustees toured the new addition under construction on the north side of the health center Monday evening prior to its regular monthly meeting.

The new addition will house the NuCara pharmacy, including a drive-up window, a neurology clinic, the American Eye Care Clinic and more, such as additional rooms for the Medical Arts Clinic and space the health center can designate as storage, office or other purposes.

Facility engineer Larry Mitchell said the work is progressing quickly. The addition has been framed in, so work can continue inside during bad weather.

Mitchell said an additive was used in the concrete to help speed up the curing process so the inside steel framing of the walls could start as soon as the concrete floor set up.

The fireproofing has been done, he continued, but it has caused some humidity in the new space and dehumidifiers are being used to correct the problem.

Mitchell said plumbers have been in, the heating, ventilating and air conditioning work is just starting and the sheetrock is ready to be hung.

Mitchell said electricians had set up a mock examination room so clinic personnel could make sure power sources were placed where they were needed.

A sample exterior brick wall also was constructed to ensure the brick used on the new addition would match what the health center already has.

“And it did, really well,” said Mitchell, adding the masonry work for the new addition will start when the weather is a bit warmer and drier.

“A couple more weeks and you won’t even recognize this,” Mitchell said.

The windows from the north end of the current Medical Arts Clinic will be salvaged and repurposed, he continued.

He also said if the facility needs to expand again in the future, a second story could be constructed above the new addition.

Growth of services provided at the Jefferson County Health Center necessitated the expansion on the north side of the 3-year-old facility. The cost is about $4.4 million.

In other facility infrastructure issues, the trustees conditionally approved allowing the city to replace the health center’s 6-inch wastewater line with an 8-inch one that will be maintained by the city. The city is making the change to accommodate a new Casey’s store set to be built at the intersection of Highway 1 and Libertyville Road and to provide better movement of wastewater pumped by the Greased Lightning Lift Station.

The trustees’ conditions are for a vent to be added to the line, and for a manual shut-off valve to be placed between the health center and the wastewater line that can be shut in the event of a back flow.

The vent should alleviate the “sewer smells” that sometimes occur at the facility, Mitchell said.

The city also plans to install a manhole so the lines can be flushed.

“It would be nice for us,” Mitchell told the trustees, pointing out it would be a good move for both the city and the health center.

During the meeting Monday, the board of trustees also amended an easement agreement it has with Jefferson County.

In the original agreement, the health center gave an easement to the county for the Loop Trail on the south side of the facility. But, now with the construction of a new parking lot on the south side, the health facility moved a water main into the easement area.

Gene Irwin, the health center’s chief financial officer, said county officials were OK with the water main being there, but the agreement needed to be updated to state if the trail along the parking lot was damaged by the water main, or work done to the water main, the health center would repair the trail.

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