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Twelve exercise stations on Wellness Trail

Dec 01, 2017
Source: PHOTO COURTESY OF WANDA BAGBY The trail is for all ages and ability levels. It is ideal for either walking or biking.

The Jefferson County Health Center offers a 0.9-mile long trail complete with 12 pieces of exercise equipment, three on each corner of the route.

Users move from exercise to exercise following self-guided signage instructions to work out in a safe, effective and enjoyable manner. The equipment has been designed to accommodate users of all fitness training and experience levels and all ages.

Instruction panels at each station are essential components describing how each exercise should be conducted. They also note the benefits and act as work-out motivators to stimulate three levels of intensity: beginner; weekend warrior; and every day champion!

Each cluster or circuit system is characterized by a series of exercise stations either grouped together or spaced over a predetermined distance between stops.

The equipment, which includes a stretch bar, bench curls, step-ups and seated dips, was added in 2015 and 2016.

The health center’s community relations manager Wanda Bagby said a private donor along with the Jefferson County Foundation donated the equipment for use on the Wellness Trail.

“This trail and fitness equipment is free for the public to use at any time. It’s handicap accessible, has great parking, it’s flat and it connects to the Fairfield Loop Trail,” Bagby told The Ledger in 2016. “This is for all ages and abilities. You don’t have to run a marathon, and you don’t have to be a weightlifter. Come and enjoy a walk and do a couple of sit-ups.”

Bagby said access to the trail is an easy walk from the health center’s south parking lot as the entrance is between the Maasdam Barns and the health center campus.

The Wellness Trail opened in 2013. The flat gravel trail follows the perimeter of the health center’s 31-acre site and connects to the Fairfield Loop Trail on the south side of the health center’s property adjacent to the Maasdam Barns.

According to a Ledger article published in 2013, the trail was built at the suggestion of Fairfield resident Chuck Espy.

Espy found that the Loop Trail was on the east and south ends of the health center campus, but there was no way to get completely around the hospital. He thought a new trail would offer those who walk inside the health center an outdoor option.

Bagby said the construction of the trail also fell in line with the city’s Blue Zones initiative.

“This is all a part of the Blue Zones philosophy,” Bagby said. “It’s really cool, and it’s open to the public. Everything you do makes you a little more healthy, and we want you to be as healthy as you can.”




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