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Two arrested after shooting in Riverside

By DAVID HOTLE | Sep 17, 2013

RIVERSIDE (GTNS) — No one was injured Friday evening when a round from an AK-47 style semiautomatic rifle penetrated a neighboring trailer from where the shot was fired in a trailer park at 3175 Highway 22, lot 2, in Riverside.

Officials report the shot was fired during a family dispute. Michael Allen Fett, 30, of Riverside, faces charges of domestic abuse assault aggravated, an aggravated misdemeanor; intimidation with a dangerous weapon, a Class D felony; and reckless use of a firearm, an aggravated misdemeanor. A Class D felony can bring up to five years in prison. An aggravated misdemeanor can bring up to two years in prison.

Gordon Tyrone Blades also was arrested and charged with serious domestic abuse, a serious misdemeanor. A serious misdemeanor can bring up to one year in prison.

According to the Washington County police log, an anonymous caller reported the shot had been fired at about 7:17 p.m. He also reported there was an altercation and the caller was unsure where the weapon was or who had it. Washington County sheriff deputies, the Iowa Department of Criminal Investigation, Riverside QRS and Washington County Ambulance responded.

Court records indicate after securing the location, Fett was found with blood on his face walking southbound from the location. The report said officers contacted Blades at the incident location. Blades was observed to have scratches on his hands and bruising and scratches in the armpit area and blood on his person.

Upon interviewing both, officers determined Blades and Fett got into a verbal argument over a “date night,” and at some point in the altercation, Blades punched Fett repeatedly in or about the face with his closed fist. The report said Fett obtained an AK-47 style rifle from his bedroom and discharged one round into the east wall. The round exited the residence, caused property damage, struck the gravel roadway, and continued in an unknown direction of travel. The bullet came to rest at an unknown location.

Fett said the round was fired “like any American would do” as a “warning shot” to Blades. Fett then left the residence, discarding the rifle on and/or about the yard at lot 17.

It was determined Blades and Fett live at the same residence and Blades is the husband to Fett’s mother. Fett has a previous conviction for going armed with intent on Nov. 12, 2006.

Washington County Sheriff Jerry Dunbar said the incident was contained and the county’s SWAT team did not respond.

“In a domestic, you just try to get everyone who is close there,” he said. “If you have an active shooter incident, all deputies go no matter where they are.”

He said when law enforcement responds to a shooting incident, officers are always fearful there is some kind of trap or setup being set. Dunbar said officers go in hoping to get the situation under control as soon as they can while always keeping an eye open for a possible trap.

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