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Neighbors Growing Together | Oct 21, 2017

Unexpected obstacle overcome on road

By David Patterson | Nov 10, 2016

To the editor:

Hey ... with all the bickering going on with elections it’s nice to know there’s still some hope. Saturday night I was coming home from Washington. Eight-hour driving shift over. Tired. Driving down Pleasant Plain at 8 p.m. A car flashing high beams. Going slow. Swerving. Are they drunk? Are they crazy? I slow down. They are neither. It is two gentlemen in a car. They are warning me. A large black cow is walking right down the middle of my lane.

Whew! Would never have seen him. I thanked them. They were warning others. Making a call to police. Don’t know if they saved any lives that night but I would bet they did. Didn’t get your name Good People...but a big thank you! Nice to know there are still people who care. Maybe America is great already.


– David Patterson, Fairfield

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