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Unhappy with Branstad

By Marie Smallow | Nov 29, 2013

To the editor:

Gov. Terry Branstad is very much like the dictator of a Third World country.

His main concern and service is to large rich corporations. He certainly does not represent the average citizen of Iowa.

I am a senior citizen suffering with an extremely painful medical disease. He has made it very clear to me directly that he will not allow me to have the medication that I so desperately need. Why is that? The large pharmaceutical companies do not make money off of it.

I won’t even go into his support of large corporate farmers, leaving the small family farmer to fend for himself.

He has obstructed the Iowa Department of Natural Resources from following the federal Clean Water Act. This would prevent the numerous feedlots in Iowa from dumping cow and pig manure into the water.

The primary education of children in Iowa is poor at best.

When students graduate from college they are burdened with an enormous student loan debt.


– Marie Smallow, Fairfield

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