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Urging boycott of Girl Scout cookie sales

By Mary LaFrancis | Feb 06, 2014

To the editor:

National groups have banded together in a boycott of the cookie sales by the Girl Scouts because of their ties with the Planned Parenthood business.

There has been growing concern over the years about the slant of the Girl Scouts’ resources, role models and affiliations. The Girl Scouts continual collaboration with the billion dollar Planned Parenthood enterprise whose foundation is deeply racist and eletist as promoted by their founder Margaret Sanger is well documented.

The Girl Scouts admit to partnering with Planned Parenthood for sex-ed programs. Planned Parenthood glorifies sexual promiscuity and lobbying while infiltrating and corrupting organizations like public educational systems and the Girl Scouts, and are not in the interests in the well-being of young girls and women.

I urge you go to Planned Parenthood’s teen sites includingTeen/wire and “Take care down there” to see for yourself. I’m sure that you will be shocked!

There are appropriate, wholesome and healthy youth organizations with authentic and high moral standards such as 4H, American Heritage Girls and the youth groups and activities of our churches!

In the best interests of our children and youth in this secular and sexualized culture, we need to be very aware of the influences forming our children’s lives and futures, especially the true agenda of those such as Planned Parenthood, that seeks to establish itself worldwide.

In order to protect and support our young girls and stop the connection with Planned Parenthood, you might consider instead of buying the cookies, to give a donation directly to the local Girl Scout group when the they come to our doors or we see them at the store.

To sign a petition supporting this national boycott of the Girl Scout cookie sales, please go to ipetitions.com.girlscoutcookieboycott.

Parents and all, be aware and beware!


– Mary LaFrancis, Fairfield

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