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Vaccines have adverse effects

By Eileen Dannemann, Fairfield | Mar 16, 2017

To the editor:

According to a Ledger article, the Iowa Department of Health stipulates, “All students entering 12th grade must receive a meningococcal vaccine before the start of the 2017-18 school year.” Here are the CDC statistics:

From 2005-2015 there has been 48 reported deaths due to Neisseria Meningitis for the 12-17 age range. According to the CDC’s Vaccine Adverse Reporting System (VAERS) there has been 12 death reports associated with the CDC recommended Menactra meningococcal vaccine for the age range 12-17.

During a meeting of the National Vaccine Advisory, CDC officials, it was estimated that only between 1 to 10 percent of vaccine adverse events are ever reported to VAERS. This means that due to VAERS under-reporting, as confirmed by the CDC, those 12 reported deaths caused by the Meningitis vaccine should be multiplied several fold. Statistical adjustment for student death reports from the meningitis vaccine (Menactra) then would be greater than 120 (at 10 percent under-reported) to greater than 1,200 reported student death (at 1 percent under-reported) for the age range of 12-17 for the years 2005-2015 in VAERS.

Moreover, according to the same under-reported database, there were 382 reported cases of serious adverse events, including disability, hospitalization, extended hospitalization and deaths in the age range 12-17 alone between 2005 and 2015. To statistically compensate for VAERS under-reporting, this translate to greater than 3,820 serious adverse events associated with the meningitis vaccine (at 10 percent under-reported) and greater than 38,820 (at 1 percent under-reported).

There were undoubtedly more deaths from the vaccine than from the disease. The number of student deaths in the age range of 12-17 between the years 2005-2015, statistically adjusted, is as little as 120 student deaths or as much as 1,200 student death from the vaccine, far more student deaths than the 48 from the disease itself.

Today, improvement in the medical treatment for Neisseria Meningitis – cleanliness, adequate living space and awareness of early symptoms shows that nearly 98 percent of those contracting Nisseria meningitis have been successfully treated post infection, if caught early. So, why are we vaccinating 4 million people a year at great expense to the taxpayer?

The average cost to the taxpayer (federal, state, Medicaid, Medicare, insurance companies) for the meningitis two-dose vaccine program is more than one billion dollars per year. Add to that the cost of adverse reactions, hospitalizations, extended hospitalization, disability and deaths associated with the vaccine, including mild adverse reaction (which entails one or two doctor visits), the financial toll would reach greater than $1.5 billion per year.

To save billions if not trillions of dollars borne by the taxpayer (federal, state, Medicaid, Medicare, insurance companies) President Trump’s consideration of a non-industry, non-government, independent Vaccine Science and Integrity Commission headed by Robert F. Kennedy, Jr, is sorely needed to evaluate the CDC recommendations and vaccine mandates, not only for safety & effectiveness, but for cost-effectiveness. Note: In Iowa both religious and medical exemptions to vaccines are available.


– Eileen Dannemann, Fairfield

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