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Vedic City, county discuss traffic signs, responsibilities

By DIANE VANCE, Ledger staff writer | Dec 31, 2012

Kent Boyum, director of governmental relations at Maharishi Vedic City, responded to county concerns about roads and traffic signs and brought a city map to the Jefferson County Board of Supervisors meeting today.

Wednesday, county engineer Scott Cline and the three supervisors discussed traffic signs and responsibilities for roads in and bordering Maharishi Vedic City.

“Pat McAvan [Jefferson County assistant attorney] and I have been working for two or three months on updating our 28E agreement,” said Boyum. “I have been working with the sheriff, the former county engineer and 911 system all along.”

Supervisor Lee Dimmitt said Boyum should contact the new county ambulance provider, Midwest Ambulance, to make sure it knows the city streets.

Boyum brought a map created by French-Reneker Associates, Inc. in 2007 or 2009 for law enforcement and the 911 emergency system.

“All buildings in Maharishi Vedic City have 911 addresses,” said Boyum. “All new buildings receive a 911 address. Anytime a building is added, to receive any phone service, it has to have a 911 address.

“Apparently we’ve had some miscommunication between the city and county, and anytime that’s the case, it’s best to call,” he said. “Speaking for Maharishi Vedic City government, we have no interest in controlling county roads. If the city boundaries are on both sides of the road, it’s considered our responsibility.”

McAvan said issues of responsibility and maintenance are what will be worked out in the 28E Agreement.

“The 28E Agreement is going to be easier than the explanation,” said McAvan. “We have these agreements with all the incorporated towns in the county. What makes Maharishi Vedic City unique is that it continues to grow. A map of Batavia 10 years ago does not change; Maharishi Vedic City’s map has and does change.”

Cline said county workers removed a total of four stop signs and two were covered up last week.

Boyum said the city had not installed them. He said Chris Johnson, landowner and developer of properties in the city and a Maharishi Vedic City council member, has expressed concern at the 55 mph speed limit with increased population along 170th Street.

The Dec. 20 snowstorm and wind or flying snow from plows could have knocked down some of the new speed limit signs installed. Cline said the county had not installed those signs either.

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