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Vote Travis Harris for District 82

By James Lee Elliott | Aug 03, 2017

To the editor:

The socialism of the liberal left in America is a greater threat to the communities of America than Vladimir Putin’s communistic Russia.

“Putting people ahead of politics” sounds good and makes for a good campaign slogan and promise, doesn’t it? Inspiring words can encourage us but often do nothing but to further enslave us.

The Democratic candidate for the Iowa 82nd District special election has a proven record of not putting his constituents “we the people” ahead of his politics.

Playing politics with our communities may not come at a cost to the liberal left that proposes them, but are hurting the hard working and overtaxed people that sought relief from such and that wanted a new direction for this state, this nation, their children, their family, their home, their school, their community and their pocketbooks during the Nov. 8, 2016 election.

Do not be confused as to what this liberal left system promises and what it actually is. Socialism is based on governmental control and power, not the concern for the welfare of the people. We must stand up for freedom or lose it! We have a privilege and the responsibility to bring clarity to public discourse and to be at liberty to voice the truth about the values and ideals included in this nation’s Bill of Rights.

We are to encourage morality and examples of such in our society by protecting the innocence of especially our children, grandchildren and all future generations that will call the communities of Iowa District 82 and the United States of America their home.

We must make the choice to pursue what is good, life producing and have empathy for those who struggle. We can show them the possibilities of love, importance and significance in one nation under God!

This is why many are endorsing Travis Harris on Aug. 8 for Iowa District 82 state representative and encourage you to do so also.


— James Lee Elliott, Fairfield

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