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Vote ‘yes’ for pool, gym project

By Kent Whitney | Feb 20, 2014

To the editor:

With the upcoming special election for county residents to vote for the support of the pool and gym project, I would like to share some of the reasons I feel a yes vote is important to our community.

When I say community, I mean all of Jefferson County because we truly are all one.

As a lifelong resident and business owner I believe these facilities are very important to the continued growth and survival of our community. I have always been proud to call Fairfield and Jefferson County my home. We are a community that always rises to the challenge when it comes to improving the quality of life for all.

As I do work in the surrounding communities I see how we measure up and how facilities such as these are so important to the vibrancy of a community. Not only will they improve the experience of living here for us but they will attract visitors to spend valuable dollars locally. They will also help attract people to live and work here which we need for continued growth of our community.

From personal experience, I believe these facilities will be used by all citizens regardless of age. Before they passed, my parents enjoyed walking for exercise. They struggled when the weather didn’t allow them to get out. I know they would have loved to have an indoor track to walk on with friends.

My sons are active in sports and get frustrated when there isn’t a gym available to hang out and play games with their friends. As a youth mentor, I can see many valuable uses for a place where kids can go to and feel safe and participate in positive activities.

We have all seen what happens when a community grows stagnant and eventually dies away. I ask the residents of this great community to come together again and make this important project happen. Do it for yourself and for the generations to come. Thank you.


– Kent Whitney, Fairfield


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