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We’ll stand up for our neighbors

By Jo Ann Crouch | May 08, 2014

To the editor:

Congratulations to the Leahy family who do so much to help ensure farmers get a grain elevator nearby while at the same time looking after their family and their neighbors’ quality of life. I’m not surprised at their effort and concern for Jefferson County family farmers because I’ve seen this kind of help and concern for fellow Jefferson County residents so many times in our community. I do understand that corporations of any kind whose owners live in another town, state or country, do not have an interest in making certain an existing business, farm and residence is not just protected from loss of quality of life and loss of property and business value but works to increase their value.

This is why our city and county leaders including FEDA, must guide outside companies and educate them on how Fairfield and Jefferson County have stood out by developing a sustainability plan, by becoming an Iowa Great Place and by being designated a Blue Zone city. If I were those leaders, I would follow the direction the Leahy family and so many other good-hearted, forward-thinking individuals in our area have taken and look for ways to help our neighbors and to provide an attractive place for our kids to return to grow their families.

Rural America has had so much trouble attracting and keeping businesses because they have not had the foresight to be different, to put solar panels on banks and grocery stores, to build a greenhouse that captures industrial heat and provides food and garden training for our kids, in short to make Jefferson County a place where more and more people want to live.

Let’s work together to continue that positive effort and guide outsiders to develop their interests if it helps our community including the family farmers in Jefferson County. Let’s show them we are a community that cares. Let everyone who wants to develop a business here know that no matter how much money they can make or even we can make, we won’t stand for anyone hurting some of our own or for development that makes us lose ground on our attractiveness for future generations to live in and raise families in our community. We won’t stand for people being unkind.


– Jo Ann Crouch, Fairfield


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