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We shouldn’t pay for carts indefinitely

By Steve Boggs | Jul 19, 2018

To the editor:

Last year, I completed a survey regarding paying another $1.50 per month to have a trash cart provided to me and I declined as did the overwhelming majority of the hundreds of Fairfielders who responded to the survey.

So why is our city council now considering it anyway? Why is Waste Management, a company that posted $14 in revenue in 2017, pushing so hard in Fairfield, Iowa, to expand their services when their customers already declined their offer?

According to our Daily Ledger, Waste Management has refused to reveal any information regarding their costs or their projected profits from this proposal. According to Waste Management marketing, the life of the carts is about 20 years, by which time each of us will have paid $360 for our carts!

It is my hope that our city council will remember they are our representative and will decline this proposal, or at the very least tell Waste Management they can only charge $12 per year for this service and that the payments will end in six years.


- Steve Boggs, Fairfield

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