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What are they thinking?

By Stephanie Rivera | Aug 23, 2018

To the editor:

As a Jefferson Country resident and property owner, I cannot stand by and allow the three members of the board of supervisors to override all reason and responsibility in their approval of Bill Huber’s super-CAFO to be built here, exposing our water, soil, and air to the worst pollutants of what is gamely referred to as “industrial agriculture.”

What in the world are they thinking to go against all the safeguards available through the Department of Natural Resources to protect Iowa citizens from such irreversible outcomes? Evidently, they don’t believe in science and the agricultural practices recommended by university experts to prevent these dangerous “businesses” from turning Iowa into China’s toilet.

Dee Sandquist, Lee Dimmitt, and Dick Reed need to get their heads out of the sand and wake up to the possible disaster of another Flint, Michigan. For if that happens, what will they do? Wring their hands in despair and say, “We didn’t know?”


- Stephanie Rivera, Fairfield

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