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What better way to lose population?

By Victoria Moore | Aug 23, 2018

To the editor:

The government officials and citizens of Jefferson County have spent millions of dollars of public and private funds, and devoted countless hours to create an environment that attracts tourists and new residents. Multiple awards, designations, and national and state accolades have been received as a direct result of these efforts.

As far as I know, Jefferson County is one of few rural Iowa counties to gain in population since the last census. What better way to drive residents and tourists out of the county than to saturate it with hog operations, and nullify the gain that those investments of money and time have created?

We have friends who live just inside the boundary of Fairfield’s city limits. Periodically, the odor of the existing confinements reaches their home.

How many other city residents report the same? The odor is already an issue and an unacceptable trend. Isn’t it time to make an honest, non-political assessment of the value of the city and county’s investments, revenue streams, and potential threats to these, balanced against the perceived benefits and financial gain from the CAFOs? Does such an assessment already exist, and what does it show?

My husband and I are homeowners within the city limits of Fairfield. I am greatly disappointed that the supervisors agreed with the scoring of the Daniel’s site Master Matrix 7,497 hog application, and didn’t make deductions, especially for the section about manure application fields that are already part of another CAFO’s manure spread area. It seems to me that this requires more careful scrutiny.

What are the arrangements so that the land is not overloaded by multiple operations’ manure? The fact that there is no public hearing scheduled about this application is also very disturbing. This proposed CAFO would be the largest in the county. It deserves further attention from all the stakeholders especially county property owners.


– Victoria Moore, Fairfield

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