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What I didn’t learn in college

By LACEY JACOBS, Ledger staff writer | Apr 19, 2012

I’ll be honest — I had no clue where Fairfield was when I sent my resume to The Ledger 6.5 years ago.

It’s been a learning experience ever since.

This was my first “real” job — real in the sense it came with a salary and health insurance rather than tips and all the free pop you can drink. This is where I cut my teeth on the news industry — and my last day here will be bittersweet.

I start as copy editor at The Moline Dispatch/Rock Island Argus Monday. It’s an exciting opportunity — though the professional and personal relationships I’ve developed here will be sorely missed. Whether or not, for example, city hall or law center personnel will miss my frequent phone calls and questions is another story.

The response from those who have learned of my departure has certainly been heartwarming. I can’t imagine a community of friendlier or more helpful people to have gotten my start in journalism. As the new kid in a small town, most of my first interviewees asked nearly as many questions of me as I did of them!

In my first week, I found myself at the then newly constructed BMX track interviewing its maker, talking to then city administrator John Brown about a diamond donated to the city’s reservoir and riding along in Joe Ledger’s tractor to learn about hog production — just the beginning of many foreign topics I would cover in my Ledger career.

Property taxes, sewers, tax increment financing, city budgets, soybeans and court proceedings are just a few of the things of which I knew nothing, and I appreciate all the people who have patiently helped me muddle through. The list of you goes on and on.

Thanks for the education Fairfield! Now that I know where this quirky little town of 9,500 is located, I’m sure I’ll be back — the All Things Italian Festival is just two months away.


Lacey Jacobs is a Ledger staff writer.

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Posted by: Norman/MUM Public Affairs Dept. Zierold | Apr 25, 2012 14:59


Didn't know about you leaving town until I read this piece. While we're happy for your next career move, speaking for all of us at the University, you will be missed. You're an excellent writer and were always pleasant to work with. You still have an open invitation for lunch the next time you're back in town. Call, or write us!

All the best,

Ken Chawkin

Office of Public Affairs

Media Relations Director

Maharishi University of Management

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