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What would Jesus do?

By Jim Turner | Mar 01, 2018

To the editor:

Many Christians who face moral and ethical dilemmas ask themselves, at some point, what would Jesus do? Good question. If we could only know what he would do or would have done we can always make the perfect choice. Never make a mistake or, possibly, for some of the time at least, be as good as he was and is.

But trying to figure out what Jesus would do can also be an exercise in futility. It is really hard to figure it out and it may even be a waste of time. How can we be absolutely certain we have it right?

It may be better to wait, be patient, and think the problem over. Perhaps discuss it with a trusted friend or better yet pray and meditate till the answer comes. The answer usually does come. But the right answer usually means we need to get bigger than the problem.

We need to see what bringing more love into the situation or problem can mean. We need to see that our small self — where our passions, judgment and prejudices rule — will carry the day until we can move to our bigger self — where love, understanding, kindness, forgiveness and mercy rule.

When love truly guides us: we cannot fail. And when we feel love for others, even the people who have mistreated us, we can be confident we are doing what Jesus would want us to do. Feeling love in our hearts and the healing power of forgiveness and mercy is what every master taught from every religious tradition. And as God has made us in his image, we all have within us the ability to do his will.

As Christians, we can find wisdom and solace during any time of trial when we remember what Jesus said: ”Seek ye first the kingdom of heaven, and his righteousness, and all else shall be added unto you.”



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