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What would Jesus think about CAFOs?

By Ron Blair | Apr 13, 2017

To the Jefferson County Board of Supervisors:

I’m writing you concerning the proposed Moratorium on local CAFO expansion.

In many ways you’re between a rock and a hard place: many of your rural constituents are hard working farmer/business people. Their bottom line is here-and-now profitability. Those that run CAFO's may not be so concerned about the Big Picture as far as ground water pollution, manure spills, or neighbor’s decreased land values.

It’s an easy out to say this is all about “them,” but it’s not meditators in the seven counties that have passed a moratorium. It’s concerned local citizens who vehemently object to the few who are pocketing profits at the expense of the land, water, and air.

You three are being asked to look at, and act upon, the Big Picture. Who else is there to protect the many citizens and natural resources impacted if not the local officials voted into office to protect everyone in their county, not just population-minority business owners?

Sure, some will want to vote you out of office if you stand up for the Big Picture. Profitability is king. The best bet, for sure, is if all three of you vote in good conscience for the moratorium.

I’ve always been proud of the board of supervisors and city council members. In working with them, over a 20-year period, I always saw public officials dedicated to their jobs. There were no high-powered lobbyists trying to buy their vote. So, do your job! Think long-term. We’re losing our topsoil and polluting our waterways. We can’t keep passing the buck. Sooner than later it will be too late. Time to take a stand.

Easter approaches. Let’s look to the Bible and think, seriously, what Jesus might have thought had He been faced with this moral dilemma. In my mind, there is no question He’d have sided on behalf of the air, water, and the community-at-large. Profitability was never at the top of His list. Please vote your conscience!


– Ron Blair, Fairfield

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Posted by: MICHAEL A GOODLEMAN | Apr 20, 2017 00:38

And from the Old Testament Moses surely would have felt CAFO's are completely non kosher!

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