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What’s going on with Fairfield gas prices?

By Brad Fregger | Oct 12, 2017

To the editor:

My wife and I just moved here from Austin, Texas, to be closer to family (Barbie‘s from Iowa) and I wanted to immerse myself in the uniqueness of Fairfield. However, something is going on in Fairfield that I don’t quite understand.

A minor medical problem meant that I had to travel to Burlington three times a week to visit my dermatologist. I noticed almost immediately that gas prices were significantly less in both Burlington and Mt. Pleasant.

In addition, every gas station in Fairfield has the exact same price for gas. Both of these issues are both puzzling and disturbing.

In Austin, gas prices were all over the map, with some stations, only a block apart, having a 10 cent difference while a couple of miles in the same city could have as much as a 25-cent difference. I’m well aware of this because I drove LYFT and Uber for over a year. Is there a reasonable explanation for this?

But the bigger problem is the dramatic difference in the price of gas between here and Mt. Pleasant. Yesterday, my wife and I went to Burlington and on the way back to Fairfield we filled the tank at a station in Mt. Pleasant, the price of gas at that station, and one other that we saw, was $2.149. When we got back to Fairfield I checked the price of gas and it was 2.359.

Can anyone tell me why gas in Fairfield would cost 21 cents more a gallon than gas in Mt. Pleasant?


– Brad Fregger, Fairfield

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