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Neighbors Growing Together | Aug 18, 2018

Where did the middle go?

By Ron Blair, Fairfield | Jun 07, 2018

To the editor:

We’ve somehow, as a society, lost the middle ground.

Progressives on the left and Conservatives on the right are so convinced of the absolute truth of their concepts of right and wrong that the Center has all but been forgotten.

What happened to inclusion? What happened to compromise?

What happened to listening to another person’s perspective and honoring it even if it doesn’t correspond to ones own point of view?

Luckily enough for us, local politics – be it City or County – really works on being inclusive. State and national politics? Not much at all.

I heartily supported Ed Malloy’s campaign for State Senate and I am disappointed that he lost. But forget about the name “Ed Malloy” for a moment, his history, etc., and just think about someone who has always acted and thinks from the Center when crafting public policy or helping to structure coalitions.

My grief at his loss has nothing to do with his worthy opponent or in one sense, Ed himself. It’s more to do with larger political chicanery and polarization, absolutism versus empathy and the diminishing ability for politicians to put themselves in another’s shoes rather than a lobbyist’s pocket.

It was a Founding Father, Patrick Henry, who stated “United we stand, divided we fall.” Never truer than now!


– Ron Blair, Fairfield

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