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Neighbors Growing Together | Jul 17, 2018

Where has civility in politics gone?

By Jim Turner | Dec 07, 2017

To the editor:

In opposing others, there is always the risk of becoming more like the people we oppose than we want to be. We sometimes become what we find most appalling in others.

Everyone thinks they are right; everyone thinks they know the truth. And everyone seems to think that being right is more important than being kind, decent and respectful. We lose sight of the fact that we are all Americans; that ultimately we will succeed together and fail together. No matter who believes what.

We must strive to tell the truth, expose lies, and demand integrity from our leaders. But we must do it in a civil way and a dignified way if we want to be a strong and unified country. And we must be a strong and unified country if we want to solve our most pressing problems.

We owe it to our children to provide a better example for them to follow, to show them that we can still love and respect those we disagree with; that we can have principled debates, not ad hominem attacks in our elections; that virtue and character will prevail only when we can can find them in ourselves. We need to each be the change we want to see in our politicians and our country.


- Jim Turner, Fairfield

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