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Why are Mary, Joseph so controversial?

By James Lee Elliott | Jan 04, 2018

To the editor:

What can be so controversial about Mary, Joseph and their baby that entered through a doorway called Bethlehem?

The sad answer is: Jesus is kept out of his own birthday celebration in America.

Many in America can recall Christmases of the past when the spirit of the Lord’s birthday was truly the center of all festivities and the real meaning of Christmas filled hearts with a special joy and hope not for the presents, but for the presence of Jesus.

All is not calm in this nation when Silent Night is no longer allowed to be a part of this nation’s public school Christmas programs that are now called “winter concerts.”

All is not calm in this nation when teachers, out of fear of persecution or termination, have to have discussions as to what words or references can or cannot be used in the classroom.

When it is determined that Jesus cannot be tolerated, but Maulana Karenga’s seven days of Kwanzaa is acceptable, then this nation has a double standard problem and many in this nation are being misled.

The beliefs, ideals and values of Maulana Karenga do not belong in the classrooms of this community, state or nation as his actions, behavior conviction and imprisonment defines the most dreaded words in this nation today: bullying and assault on women.

The socialistic, atheistic and liberalistic 21st century interpretation of the separation of church and state in this nation is a hoax and too many in this group have too much influence on policies agendas and the curriculum for our public schools, colleges and universities.

The only thing necessary for the axis of evil to transform Christians in America is for those seeking the presence of Jesus to do nothing when war is declared on Christmas and the truth of the birthday celebration is not told.

The truth is that the truth of the real Christmas message is that everlasting life, peace, goodwill towards men (women and children) and the joy of Christ in Christmas is as possible today as was in Christmases of the past.

Jesus entered by the stable through a doorway called Bethlehem (Bread of Life) so that those that should believe might dwell in the palace forever! Jesus chose a stable so that He could identify with the least of us, the poor, the oppressed, the abused, the vulnerable.

Jesus tells us in Luke 6:51 (letters in Red) “2 a.m. the living bread which came down from heaven: if any man eat of this bread, he shall live forever:” ... What more a fitting place for such a one to be born than the “house of bread” - Bethlehem?

Many might remember a short essay written about Jesus that said “this man never traveled outside his own country, never held an office, or had a family, and never wrote a single book but all the armies, navies and kings in history never affected the world as this “one solitary life.”

O come all ye faithful, joyfull and triumphant ... come and behold him.


- James Lee Elliott, Fairfield

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