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Why I’m voting for Ed Malloy

By Ron Blair | May 17, 2018

To the editor:

Fellow Dems, lend me yours ears just for a moment.

Two words summarize Ed Malloy’s excellence: experience and achievement.

I can tell you, having worked with Ed over 20 years on the Loop Trail and Maasdam Barn projects, having watched him as mayor in countless city council meetings that he (and former Mayor Bob) are masters

at waiting until the exact right moment to summarize a situation or call for a council vote. Both know how to lead without trying to control.

I can tell you that Ed is extraordinarily balanced as a human being and that he has won the respect of the entire community as a leader and man of integrity.

I have read some wonderful letters of support of behalf of Mary Stewart. She sounds like a terrific person and someone of great integrity as well.

Ed, because of his years of experience in local and statewide government, has a vision of possibilities and know-how that Mary just doesn’t possess. Ed has a myriad statewide contacts, friends, and legislative associates. Given a chance, he could build some incredible coalitions with huge, positive outcomes for the state, such as his recent coalition building to help Iowans clean and transform their impaired waterways.

It’s extremely rare to find someone who has the vision, integrity, experience, and track record that Ed has. He needs a huge turnout in Fairfield/Jefferson County to help him in his bid for the State Senate. He deserves our collective support given his years of superb service to this community.

Vote early. Vote Ed.


- Ron Blair, Jefferson County

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