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‘Zombie Prom’ nothing short of fantastic

By Jessica Malloy | Apr 24, 2014

To the editor:

I saw the preview of the Fairfield High School spring musical “Zombie Prom” Tuesday night as I unfortunately won’t see the show this weekend due to travel. It is fantastic!

I will get my bias right out in the open immediately. In addition to being in the chorus, my daughter Shea has a bit part that to me is hilarious, and I wish I could go to every show just to see Shea and Seth in that scene. Please, everyone, please go see it! The chorus is lively and wonderful. People will be so impressed with all the leads & supporting characters: the music is very complex and the kids nail it! Of course, audience members already familiar with some of our amazing FHS talent such as Jordan Whitney, Dakota Webber and Baylee Bowman will expect them to all stand out, and boy do they! But Seth Simmons is the dark horse who will knock your (bobby) socks off! It is silly, campy, fun & musically outstanding. Knowing these kids, seeing and hearing what they have accomplished - well, I’m starting to cry - again! I will need boxes of tissues and buckets for my blubbering when Shea and her close friends graduate. I am already a mess two years out! Get thee & thy friends to see “Zombie Prom” this weekend! It opens tonight. I am obsessed with it, and you may be too; go tonight or Friday, so you can see it a second time on Saturday or Sunday!


– Jessica Malloy, Fairfield

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